user research and design strategy


    Katherine McEachern

    No action we take is devoid of hopes, fears, or worries. From the stress of saving enough for retirement to the challenge of remembering a daily medication, I have been able to delve into the psyche behind decisions both big and small. Into the “why” behind our actions and motivations.


    I have worked for startups, design firms, and nonprofits, but always my work has focused on understanding that why and then designing a solution that makes a concrete improvement in people’s lives. As a researcher and design strategist, I bring innate curiosity, deep listening, and systems thinking to every project.


    California College of the Arts

    MBA in Design Strategy

    Uniting the perspectives of design and integrative thinking,

    sustainability and systems thinking, finance, entrepreneurship,

    and generative leadership into a holistic strategic framework for

    a new generation of business leaders.


    Cornell University

    B.S. in Design and Environmental Analysis

    Combing innovative design thinking with insightful design research

    to understand how our daily lives are impacted by the built

    environment through multidisciplinary training in human-centered

    design, environmental psychology, ergonomics, and facility

    strategy and management.


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